Success Stories

What my clients say after working together on their significant business results.

Laura Kelly 

Handworks Studio

Franne helped me formulate a significant growth opportunity for my business. She was instrumental in helping to envision, articulate and communicate my goals. We anticipate being a multimillion-dollar company.

Philip Ryhm 

MFR Consultants Inc.

Franne was crucial to the process of my development of a concise business plan for growth. She helped me to understand my important business metrics, to be clear and focused with my sales pitches, and has pushed me to acquire new business in the federal marketplace.

Dee Anne Gavlick 


Franne’ s coaching helped me move beyond the emotions I was feeling. She introduced me to logical processes to help me “hear what was said and not said and see what was visible and invisible” in a corporate culture that was both new and foreign to me.

“Franne helped me develop my first business plan with a series of questions and feedback that were enormously helpful. In fact , I doubled my earnings the year after I worked with Franne.”

Elin Barton 

Speaker, Writer, Connector

Franne’s support, guidance and insight was invaluable for me in helping me to grow my business and take it to the next level. She is quick to understand complex situations and has an uncanny ability for strategic “outside of the box” thinking.

Richard Olaya 

Olaya Studio

Franne McNeal provided me with invaluable, specific and practical advice that I was able to implement into how I manage my architectural design business. Franne’ s advice gave me a new perspective and the ability to see opportunities for growth.

Wendy Sachs 

The Philadelphia Nanny Network

Franne provided insight by using real business examples, diagrams and analogies to address my business issues and concerns. She listened carefully and guided me through some of the critical decisions as I created my growth plan.

“Franne helped me save thousands of dollars in start-up costs and to develop an infrastructure to all me to work smarter as a small business owner.”

Yvonne Ferguson-Hardin 

Fergie's Instructional Training

Franne is an extraordinary consultant who uses her indepth knowledge and experience to guide, motivate and inspire aspiring business entreprenuers. She helped me to think about my goals in well rounded practical, functional and realistic ways.

Ryan Lindstadt 

Diplomat Closet Design Inc.

Franne was blessed with the incredible gift of listening. She is able to take my nonsensical ramblings, dissect my major issues and offer effective and efficient solutions, all with a calmness and demeanor that makes me more confident as a business owner.

Sheryl Axelrod 

The Axelrod Firm, PC

Franne has an upbeat and supportive attitude. She will set aside the appropriate amount of time for you and make sure she has addressed all of your concerns by the time your meeting ends. Franne is an excellent business advisor.

“Franne is able to expertly foster growth, new ways of thinking, and new strategies for your business just by asking the perfectly timed questions.”

Sandra Gromball 


Franne possesses the keen ability to ask the right questions and guide my thinking to solve my business challenges. She offered sound advice & always presented several options.

Damon Hopson 

H.C.S. Inc.

Franne held me accountable,  which made me want to work and think harder in order to produce a great product. I'm blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Franne.

Beth Brodovksy 

Iris Creative

Many of my greatest insights came from our meetings. She is calm, patient, positive and insistent all necessary qualities when dealing with people who are used to being in charge.

“Franne is an amazing business advisor who has a tremendous knack for identifying key issues. She is an exceptional listener. I would highly recommend her for business advising and/or coaching.”

Andrew Bennie 

Digital Media Manager

Franne helped me adapt my prototype and market strategy, saving me both time and money, while assuring that I had optimal accountability to my users.

Kevin Gatto 

Salon Owner/Stylist

Franne has an incredible sense of relating to you and your business. Franne showed me (an artistic person) how to tap into my business mind and transform my business.

Robert Joseph, Ph.D. 


Franne did an amazing job of seeing what is needed in my business and very quickly helped me to prioritize and address the issues.

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